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Mail From Merle

dedicated to Jason

Motto: ”My uncle loves me too much…”
Gwendolyn Brooks

I don’t know how old I am
perhaps six or seconds before
in the florist-shop across the river
all vases smell like hell

he is standing in a floating tub
in the middle
a central-piece on a quantity of water
my uncle is nice
my uncle is fishing
I like him a lot
he loves me too much

family is my uncle
a central-piece in a tub with
birds barracudas and flowers

one day he told me a secret
a florist I’ll be six feet under
his tub full of birds barracudas an flowers

I am not even a woman I think
I am not even a girl
perhaps an ear around his tongue

he loves me dangerous my uncle
I’ll be a feather
I am a vase

I do not like my uncle anymore


3 responses

  1. sper te regasesc cu bine in in noul an 🙂

    si pup

    decembrie 31, 2009 la 12:39 am

  2. „Lovers” Richard Brautigan
    I changed her bedroom:
    raised the ceiling four feet,
    removed all of her things
    (and the clutter of her life)
    painted the walls white,
    placed a fantastic calm
    in the room,
    a silence that almost had a scent,
    put her in a low brass bed
    with white satin covers,
    and I stood there in the doorway
    watching her sleep, curled up,
    with her face turned away
    from me.

    ianuarie 4, 2010 la 10:58 pm

  3. ianuarie 7, 2010 la 9:29 pm

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